Breaking News: Joshua vs Ruiz 2 LIVE: Anthony Joshua beats Andy Ruiz to win back world heavyweight titles

Joshua vs Ruiz 2 LIVE: Anthony Joshua beats Andy Ruiz to win back world heavyweight titles

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 LIVE

– Anthony Joshua won back his WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO world heavyweight titles

– Andy Ruiz Jr shocked world with 7th-round TKO win back in June

– Joshua weighed in at 237lbs while Ruiz hit scales at 283lbs

– Scorecards read 118-110, 118-110, 119-109

Mayweather comparisons.

Some boxing fans weren’t impressed with Joshua’s performance over Ruiz, criticising his cautious approach.

Fans took to Twitter to compare him to Floyd Mayweather, claiming he “ran” throughout the fight.

One wrote: “Congratulations anthony mayweather joshua you ran all the fight.”

“Anthony Joshua doing the Mayweather b***h-a** fight,” another wrote.

Andy Ruiz blamed the performance and subsequent result on partying too much in between fights.

The Mexican admitted he had barely trained as he sould have, and played a role in the defeat.

“I think we started too late,” he said.

“I don’t want to say that the three months of partying and celebrating that I had and whatnot kind of affected me, because it kind of did.

“What can I say? I learn this mistake, and I’m glad I’ve learned it while I’m still young.”

Eddie Hearn on the mic

“Future plans are to celebrate and to celebrate hard. This man has responsible for the growth of British boxing. He won the title after 16 fights and he unified the belts after 19.

“They wrote him off, he was humiliated in Madison Square Garden, they said he was all hype. But he has come back.

“We got criticised for coming here, the reception we got from the people and the vision they have for boxing here is incredible.

“We are not going to talk about other fighters, he is the king.”

Ruiz has had his say

Andy Ruiz didn’t disgrace himself tonight – and the Mexican wants more of Joshua in the future, despite being outclassed tonight.

“I want to do it again. I came in a bit heavy and if we do the third fight I am going to come in in the best shape.

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I got boxed. But I want to do it again. Thank you to everyone in Saudi Arabia. Who wants to see the third trilogy fight?”

Ruiz, you’ll have seen, came in rather overweight for this fight – 15lbs heavier than he did for their first bout in New York.

Heavyweight champion of the world

Happy team AJ!

Klitschko has tweeted…

Joshua: “I wanted to put on a boxing masterclass.”
“First of all, thanks to god. The first time was so nice, I had to do it twice,” he said.

“I knew I could win this. This is about boxing, I’m used to knocking guys out.

“I gave the man his credit, I said I would correct myself, I respect Andy, But I wanted to put on a boxing masterclass.

“It’s the sweet science, it’s about hitting and not getting hit.

“No change in mentalist, stay hungry and stay humble. I’m going to remain humble in victory. Thanks to Ruiz and his family, thanks to Saudi, the fans and thanks to god and Eddie Hearn.”

Brilliant performance from Joshua. Wide cards, fantastic discipline from the Brit. 2-time world heavyweight champion!

ANTHONY JOSHUA BEATS ANDY RUIZ JR UD 119-109, 118-110, 118-110

Round 12: Some tremendous boxing to finish the fight from AJ. He also hits some big right hands for good measure. And it looks like we have a new world titleholder. Ruiz came and tried with his relentless pressure. But we await some very wide scorecards now.

Round 11: Another good round for Joshua. Ruiz needs the knockout as we enter the 12th round. If he can hang on then we have a two-time world heavyweight champion on our hands. Ruiz is, as always, dangerous.

Round 10: Ruiz eating some jabs from Joshua, who has shown discipline all night so far. He did this against Joseph Parker, and now he’s doing it to Ruiz. Joshua looking light on his feet as well. Those 10lbs lost eh?

Round 9: Better round for Joshua. The Olympic gold medalist is gaining confidence again but Ruiz remains a serious threat. He keeps coming forward and AJ is finding it hard to clinch. Ruiz is slipping out every time.

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Round 8: The pressing is still coming from Ruiz, who is getting more and more frustrated. AJ looked a little miffed with an illegal shot there and then engages in a fire-fest with Ruiz, who windmills and hits Joshua on the back of the head. Ruiz’s best round.

Round 7: Joshua lands some hard shots but refuses to engage in any fire fights. Ruiz is getting frustrated in there, but Joshua will need to keep this up for the last five rounds.

Round 6: More nice rhythmic boxing from Joshua, Ruiz still working at the same pace but he takes a short left hook but nods back at AJ. Another round for the former champion, who takes a couple low shots at the end of the round.

Round 5: AJ keeping things long and landing some stiff jabs, he then does the same with his right hand and wins another round. He’s boxing brilliantly here and that was a slower round for Ruiz, who is still in there.

Round 4: More calmness from AJ, but the pressure is coming from Ruiz, who looks unfazed by anything that comes his way – Ruiz lands a nice shot at the end of the round.

Round 3: Relaxed round three from AJ, but Ruiz still the man pushing the action. This is what Joshua needs to continue to do, and if the big shot is there, take it. Ruiz doesn’t look phased, but Joshua looks calm.

Round 2: AJ learned from the first fight not to rush in. And now he’s looking good in the second round too. Good work from Joshua, who will feel comfortable now that he’s cut his Mexican rival. But AJ is cut this time after a clash of heads! Early drama here in Riyadh.

Round 1: Cagey round to start. Joshua uses his jab nicely but it’s Ruiz that’s pressing, much like late on in the first fight. Good boxing fro, AJ so far, though. More of that in the second round, please. Ruiz gets cut at the end of the round! Great right hand from AJ!

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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2

Ruiz on his way to the ring!

Ring walks – AJ heading to the ring!

Hands are wrapped and ready to go…

Joshua on ‘catastrophic’ loss

“It will definitely be catastrophic if I lose — but I’m not even thinking about that,” he said.

“It will be big business when I win. As bad as it was when I lost, it will be as great when I win.

“It is a rematch — but I’m still fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world. I’m more than ready.”

Let’s hope he’s more than ready. He’s in for the biggest fight of his life in just a few moments.

Ruiz is ready

“I am pretty sure he was mad at me when I suggested that he quit, I think he thought ‘you mother*****r’,” he said earlier this week.

“But that is what I felt in my heart, he spat his mouthpiece out and quit.

“He was waiting too long to fight again and that is exactly what we are going to try to make him do on 7 December. Hopefully we can make him do it again.”

Manny Robles: “We’re ready to rock and roll. it’s been a proper camp and that’s what you want. They should come at us with a different attitude tonight.

“They didn’t work the first time. We have to try and beat them to the punch. We expect the same result. We respect Joshua but we have a job to do.”

It’s nearly time!

Right…. we’re nearly there! Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 is just moments away.

Will Joshua gain the redemption he’s seeked for over six months, or will Ruiz prove that the first fight wasn’t a fluke?

Joshua will have to make sure he stands up strong to Ruiz’s pressure, uses his piston jab and takes control of the fight of his life.

For Ruiz? It’s more of the same. The Mexican needs to do exactly what he did in the first bout.

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