Coronavirus, a poem by Alli Ibraheem



– Just like fatal inflammable
– Rocking without boundary
– Unrest the restive strength
– Visitor without license
– Destroyer of human shadow
-Friend of no one
-Master of the super-powers
– Emissary of social distancing
– Tormentor of human race.


– The authority of the world authors
– It devalues luxuries
– Crushes materials
– Instructs billionaires
– Commander of world economy
– Refuses libations
– Stoning smiling for tear
– The wicked visitor
Driving the world to the unknown
– Suspending our tomorrow of you.



– Refers the referrals
– Humbles the arrogant
– Disarms fighters
– Dismembers the engineers
– Rewrite the writers
– Rebuild the builders
Dictating for dictators
– The unread book of pandemics
– The talks of the authorities.



-Your phobia, our tremble
– Crippling the creatures
-We fear not you
– But your havoc
– Your threat is ephemeral
– For with God
– Your date is near
– To arrest your strength
– Amputate your locomotion
Castrate your production
– And strangle your survival.


Alli Ibraheem.

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