Coronavirus Is Respecter Of No One, A Natural Phenomenon From Olodumare

Coronavirus Is Respecter Of No One, A Natural Phenomenon From Olodumare

Coronavirus is God’s work. It humbles and trembles the earth, even the presidents and prime ministers of the so-called super powers in the world trembles with fear. Respecter of no one. It shakes the world beyond atomic strength. Corona buries pride. It invites social distancing and threat to the economy. It is greater than nuclear and biological weapons. Tormentor of the world. Coro, the checkmater of public gathering, enemy of social functions. The closure of boundaries.

Only Olodumare (God Almighty) knows about Coronavirus, everything about it is the will of the Creator. One of the most delicate time to be Godly is now, coronavirus is serving us, we need to serve Olodumare.

Everybody should respect the precautionary measures pronounced by health professional bodies. Be smart enough not to be collateral damage at this fragile moment.

The government on their part should enforce the ban on public gathering. The recalcitrants must be penalized. Corona has humbled us, let’s all respect it by taking to medical cautions.

When it is time for it to stop, it will but we need to take precautionary measure.

Coronavirus has made us to note that we can worship God everywhere and anywhere. Only Olodumare has the power, let’s resign to him. . It has stopped us from worshipping in Church and Mosque. If where you only meet your God is Church and Mosque, now, where will you meet HIM? This is to tell you that God is everywhere. Clean your heart and your soul. Do good all times at all conditions. God is at work, let’s resign to him. And hopefully, the tormentor will be arrested only by the will , power and time ordained by the Creator (Olodumare), the super of the super powers alone.

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