Ifu Ennada and Uriel planning on having kids out of wedlock

Ifu Ennada has reacted to a video in which fellow BBNaija reality TV star, Uriel, revealed that she wants to have kids the unconventional way.

According to Uriel, she doesn’t want to wait for marriage before having kids because she wants her kids to bond with her ageing mother.

Ifu Ennada

Reacting to the stance by Uriel, Ifu Ennada shared:

”UU, I’ve learnt to stop living my life for people – what they’ll say, how they’ll feel, etc because at the end of the day, my life is governed by God and not mere mortals whom sometimes have the most selfish, afflicted and evil minds. I personally have thought about having kids the unconventional way because I’m not ready to let anyone come in and hurt me or try to ruin my life again. What I’m saying is, pls do you while everything is right. I pray for your mum that God will heal her and give her a longer life, but no one knows tomorrow, so please do you. If you wanna have a child or not, let it be totally your decision – one that’s not influenced by the societal norms. God who created us understands… Love you Uriel”

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