MWAN 2019: Dr. Osundara Kemi declares her unflinching support for Dr. Olubukola Omobowale as PRO

Dr. Osundara Kemi declares her unflinching support for Dr. Olubukola Omobowale as PRO of MWAN Oyo State Chapter.

The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria is the official gathering of all female medical doctors in Nigeria. MWAN is an affiliate of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA).

Dr. Olubukola Omobowale

Women world over play important roles in politics and issues of National development. These important roles become much easier if such women are professionals and lead players in their own fields.

Nigerian female medical doctors are highly prolific multi tasking dynamic professionals.

The time has come again for the Oyo State Chapter of MWAN to elect the next set of progressive executive members into various positions.

Dr. Olubukola Omobowale

Dr. Olubukola Omobowale has made her intentions known to contest for the position of Public Relations Officer/ Publicity Secretary . Her unrelenting commitment and efforts in projecting both MWAN elders and young doctors remain evergreen in the hearts of all . She is fully motivated and dedicated to moving MWAN to greater heights by propagating the Association to brighter limelight.

Dr. Olubukola Omobowale is the right and timely candidate for the position of Oyo MWAN Public Relation Officer position. She is strategically positioned for more service as always.

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Your vote for her is a vote for a higher, all inclusive, rebranded and progressive MWAN, because selfless service should be embraced by everyone!!!!

Dr. Olubukola Omobowale’s agenda include:

Better Communication

Improved Relationships

Public Awareness

Working with passion

Experience speaks……….. Vote Dr. Olubukola Omobowale for Oyo MWAN PRO on the 29th November 2019.


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