Oluwo Encouraging Ability in Disability

Oluwo Encouraging Ability in Disability.

The popular iconic musician, Ebenezer Obbey, in one of his famous songs said “Ibiti alagbara gbe nsise toun se wahala… Aro tio le dide asi ma rishe”

This Yoruba parlance was reestablished today with the accidental meeting of OLUWO with Onilude.

Oluwo Encouraging Ability in Disability.

Again, in his normal routine of occasionally checking his subjects and moving his palace to their doorsteps, Oluwo, today, stumbled on an able disabled and turned his story for good. He is Rasheed Onilude by name, a cobbler.

His majesty, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, very unique, popular for serving humanity and commits his resources to positively influence others moved his palace to this man’s shop and empowered him.

As seen, the man, Onilude, is disabled but able, his life discrediting the excuse by his peers resorting to scavengers immorally. To me, Onilude has challenged others. He is a cobbler, has his shop located at Oke-Odo along first bank, Oluponna road, Iwo.

Oluwo Encouraging Ability in Disability.

Also, encouraging the industrious disables is the responsibility of all and sundry. Toeing the path of the mark, Oluwo is popular, treating his subjects of all classes respectfully and generously.

He accidentally saw this man on his routine survey of Iwo township today, Bought all his products and gave the shoes to the people that has no shoes, equally gave the special needs cobbler more money to build his business.

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