Ospoly Management
Honour Our Aminu Sheu.

By Timileyin Oyeniyi.

Fellow Nigeria students, permit me to remind you the June 1st 2019 saga in the history of Osun state polytechnic Iree, though it as come and gone, Aminu Sheu may his soul rest in perfect peace,holy book said “God taketh the righteous one before the evil day”,we shall always remember you,with Capet survey,above average Osun state polytechnic Iree students regard him as a legend who show the world the abnormalities in Medical sector in ospoly.

This piece in not to spring out havoc, mayhem, chaos, amorphous in the polytechnic community and neither to illusion ally touch SHEU from grave, because I want him to rest in the apartment of comrades in heaven but rather than file out justice and respect for the decease from the alpha and omega of the institution with sense of humility and modesty.

Freedom for the wolves has often meant death to the sleep they says, justice is the constant and perpetual with allot to every man his due,i have comprehend the fact that when justice is been delay it rather call act of injustice.

Truly peace is not merely the absence of war, it is the presence of justice, AMINU SHEU is a great lost to his family,friends and institution.

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Am not in always support the act toward the vandalization of Institution and government properties but I quite understand the grieved of losing colleagues in a critical stage of life,in modern world like this justice doesn’t in any way call for violence, demanding for justice should be intellectual approach in dealing.

At this Junction, spared should be call a spared,the decease deserve not to be disparage,deride,denigrate like this but to be honour,how do I mean by “honour”,similar case like this had previously happened in some prestigious university and polytechnic in Nigerian which I will not like to mention and we were fully aware of the output of the management.

Which I strongly belief that Osun state polytechnic Iree is part of prestigious polytechnic in Nigeria, if not the most.

During my personal visibility studies across all sectors in the institution about the newly acting Rector,it guarantee me institution is move from peak to zenith, my correspondent spoken nothing but it good having Dr. Woye Olaniran at this time to been in charge.

Am not taking this as right but previledge, if vandalised medical center under reconstruction should be name after the legend AMINU SHEU in honour of him, to make is name immortal in the history of Osun state polytechnic Iree, it will be in advantage to the image of institution.

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I belief this demand will not be sweeps in under Capet,authority should remember money can’t retain the lost soul rather than immortalising the name of soul. This words is profitable for the wise one,i want authorities to think and think over and over on this demand.

Above all, may the gentle soul of AMINU SHEU rest in peace .

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Deputy Rector

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