Ospoly: SUG President Inauguration Speech Delivered By Com. Raji Kehinde Ademola (Kenraj)



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Greatest Nigerian Students.

Let me start by expressing my sincere and profound gratitude to God Almighty for His mercy endureth forever, He established my feet to serve the general assembly of Ospolites at the apex level and for making today A Reality.

On September 13th 2019, NEW ERA was birthed in the hearts of over 15,000 students (both full time and daily part time) of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. It was indeed a new dawn and with this also comes A New Era.

Every year we gather here to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of student’s mandate, And we are grateful to Comr. Olaniyi Bolaji Ezekiel Hope Led administration for their gracious aid throughout their stay in office. They have been magnificent, and on Behalf of the entire Ospolites I am saying thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the effort of Alhaji Raimi Led Directorate of Students Affairs for conducting a rancour-free election. To my co-contestant, Comr. Nurudeen Ishola Olatunji Solace – it is not my victory but our victory as we all know that “No Victor -No Vanquish” I hereby extend an offer of fellowship to you for us to work together with your Keenly intentions of moving our dear Union Forward.

Greatest Ospolites, I don’t have much to say as this might be the Shortest Inaugural Speech in the History Because the time for empty talk is over, now arrives the hour of Actions. Thanks so much for the Level of trust you repost in me by giving me the Mandate as the Captain of this Ship, We will be here to ensure that the strategic objectives of the STUDENTSUNIONISM are met in all Ramifications as our Agenda Image Rebirth for the Dry Bone of Ospoly To Rise Again in a Virile Way – (Academics Excellence, Welfarism at its peak, Availability and Accessibility, Innovative Programs, Team work & Transparency, Solidarity of Good Governance) remain our driven tools and that at the very centre of our administration is a crucial conviction – that our UNION must exists to serve the generality of STUDENTS as the Union Belongs to you all and you alone.


We dare not forget that we are product of a popular struggle. The struggle that uplift our heritage as Nigerian Students and the struggle that makes us to believe that in every proof that a path has been shown to a man and that for a man holds in His mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of challenges including those ones that are confronting us as a students in this noble institution.

Seeing the myriads of issues and challenges confronting Ospolites, the trumpet of these challenges summons us not as a call to battle, though embattled we are, but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation as we utilize all the 3Cs of struggle; Consultation and Consolidation to the fullest and if needs be, to utilize the last C – Confrontation.

Therefore, we are ready to be leading for the right reason. So, let us work together because we are going to run an ALL-INCLUSIVE ADMINISTRATION which you must be part of it. You can lend your voice to the discourse and suggest ways to serve you better. We are here to give voice to the uneasiness you feel on campus or when school policies are confusing and conflicting with our sense of what is right. I will be here with you and for you as your Chief Servant to create an academic environment where those concerns can be safely expressed and listened to by the Management as they remain our Father and Mother to sought after us to be Worthy in Both Learning and Character and at Such I hereby Urge us all to be Law Abiding Students, As the Union in this Administration will not Support any act Culpable of breaching the Peace on Campus and is also against Cultism and other Nefarious Activities on Campus.

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It is on this note I hereby want to make aware To the Management of this noble citadel of learning Ably Led by the Erudite Rector Dr Olaniran that we as the Union Executive/Representatives is not here to be the Bridge between the Management and the Student alone But also to do enormously on our parts what we can in Moving the institution forward to Greater Heights and for Global reckoning in Line With Her Written Vision and Mission Statement.

So therefore, We urge the Management to please ensure to put in place all Academics suit strategies and Needs most importantly A better Conducive, well ventilated, well equipped and Friendly Learning environment for the Pursuit of Academic Excellence of the Entire OSPOLITES.

The revolutionary belief which our forebears fought with and against are still the issues around us today, the belief that without students, no lecturers and definitely no school management, that students must be treated right and their perspectives must be adequately listen to by Management in formulation and implementation of any policy since they are at the receiving end of any policies made.

However, doing this shouldn’t be perceived as a matter of generosity of the school authority but an absolute necessity for the attainment of tranquility and in achieving the vision and mission of the founding father of this institution which we still hold as sacred till today.

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I hereby also want to use this medium to demand from the Management to do the needful in all ramifications as concerning our Educational Sector as Education inputs today is the Passport to Better outputs tomorrow.

To the Past and Present Leaders, Present Comrades across all Level, Future Statemen, Co Elected SUG Executive and Students Representatives Council, I urge us all to See every Responsibility we might be opportuned to have in Leading the Masses as an Opportunity/Medium to Serve GOD through Humanity thereby impacting the Environment Positively and Leaving it Better than we met it Because We are the Generations our dear Nation is waiting and Hoping for to Birth the NIGERIA OF OUR DREAM.

When I say NEW ERA MISSION, I mean it and I am ready to do just that and Together WE will.

We are radical but not rascal, we are thugs but educated one, we are intelligent, talented, cultured and learned. What we are after is to promote, project and propagate the good image of our dear institution to make Ospoly the best Polytechnic in Nigeria. Nothing whatsoever shall discourage us.

Finally, I will continue to speak the truth, seek progress and pursue justice because if one dies in the cause of doing this, one dies as a hero. So help me GOD.

Long Live The Students Union Government,
Long Live Osun State Polytechnic Iree
Long Live The State of Osun
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thanks and God Bless you All.

Yours in Struggle,

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