The Taste Of Past Sins (Asiko Esan)

Asiko Esan. The Taste Of Past Sins

Nature is good and otherwise depending on what you give to it. What you give to nature is what you get. That, to me, is a natural law. You may act smart but can never be smarter than nature. Your prayer is in your hand, whatever you sow, you reap, no escape route.

There was a man born of note but made of no note. He was because he reigned before his extinction. He is a forgotten living.

The Taste Of Past Sins (Asiko Esan)

The guy in question is known with his running wide opened, uncontrolled watery lips, reckless and shaking. He is tall, the status he maintains even till his octo age. He was born in Iwo, prominent friend of one of the former dictator heads of state. He was connected in his time but without effect in neither his town nor subjects. He is unpopular only on the bad side of history. He founds his joy in sending people to prison, implicating innocent souls, stage managing demotion, cooking lies to discredit credible personalities etc. He did one for the renowned Atanda that would have emerged the first state governor from Iwo.

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.One of his unforgiven and unforgettable sins was his outright disrespect to traditional rulers. History confirmed his countless insubordination and desecration of the crown. He openly pointed his finger to the nose of the late Oluwo. He threatened to deal with the monarch on frivolous ground. He arrogated the power his ancestors never commanded to himself. The empty barrel of Iwo.


Every generation is blessed with agent to address lingering challenges and punish the bad eggs God spared so as to reap what they sowed. The reigning Oluwo has come to present stewardship certificate to the heroes of Iwo.

He is a messenger to credit the good and discredit the bad. Oluwo can only be misunderstood by those alien to history. He was wrongly adjudged arrogant, fighting elders. It is a capital no. Check the biography of his antagonists, a close study will tell you “ASIKO ESAN“. He fought the guy described above to avenge what he did for his ancestors. The man thought it was business as usual, hoping to met the same sacrilegious treatment on Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi. He fought out with Oluwo, saying Oba Akanbi must come to prostrate for him at his residence. What an abomination of first class order?

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He threatened to set the palace ablaze during Oba Tadese’s time and jailed those who foiled the attack. He was rude to Oba Abimbola too, an Oba before the immediate predecessor of the present Oluwo, who stripped him of his first chieftaincy title. He thought he can ridicule the incumbent the way hr did to his predecessors. He must have learnt before he go down eternally.

You may have contrary opinion but the true is, Oba Akanbi is sent to pay the good with good and bad eggs with deserved punishment. God deliberately delay some to eat the fruit of their bad labour. Nature is paying back. Those growing in suppressing others will have themselves devoted by nature. Those who rode to the top on our collective glory and used the power against will no doubt go down with history.

But note that, OLUWO is a responsible father ready to forgive and rehabilitate. Repent and turn a new leaf, then, you become the best friend of TELU. But you can’t survive with ease doing bad to our subjects in Iwo. Iwo is wise now. There are lessons. The best sacrifice is doing good, if you refused, the bad will do you.

On this note, we urge individual to be morally upright, watch their actions of history and be patriotic in their best capacity. Before you throw stones to OLUWO, endeavour to admonish people to launch deserving respect to the stool.

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