The new BMW full-electric SUV is filled with extras and provides a wide range of options, but not all-wheel drive.

You are waiting for an era for a new BMW completely electrical vehicle. This is also the newest iX3 SUV zero emission from the German carmaker. The launch of the i4 EV and the new, hulking flagship electrical iX SUV, unveiled earlier this month is due to be launched on the market in the spring as a Munich company.

Almost eight years after BMW has launched its once ground-breaking i3, which is both in terms of style and technology, they will arrive at the showrooms. At that time, the electric field was led by BMW. They did have their electric supercar i8 (albeit not pure electric but a hybrid on-board generator) and even performed comprehensive public trials of an early electric minis fleet.

And the Rolls-Royce Phantom had a peculiar electric roll. Anything in the BMW party. BMW seemed to slam on the brakes and to overtake rivals for some unexplained reason.

Now, with the new iX3, BMW seeks to reverse the area they once seemed to dominate. The government’s updated decision, which left the way only for pure power or zero carbon cars by 2030, to ban all new gasoline and diesel cars and electric-hybrids by 2035 also added to the focus.

BMW is entering a busy market with the extremely spectacular Tesla X, Fords Mustang Mach-et, VW’s ID.4, Nissan’s Ariya and Skoda Enyaq and Audi’s e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC and Jaguar’s I-Pace with its two very spectacular models, Premier Edition and Premier Edition Pro, priced at £60,000.

But while the early i3 super mini looked radical, and the next iX has a big cartoon grille, the iX3 is one BMW electric car unlikely to shock.

iX3 is one of the first BMW series to give consumers an option of a pure electric drive, hybrid plug-in, gasoline or diesel – emulating Peugeot’s pioneered power selection strategy.

The interface looks absolutely traditional. The most distinctive characteristic is lack of exhaust which is not distinct from petrol, diesel and hybrid editions. This is not bad if you’re mindful that boasting about it can be harmful to the community.

The rear of the car has been sculpted and aerodynamically crafted light-alloy wheels help minimize the car’s drag coefficient by about 5%.

With Renzo Vitale, the music of this car will leave a considerable impression on you. They play a “peculiar sound” when you turn the machine on and off. When the car is underway, the driver and passengers feel a great sense of increasing anticipation as the vehicle velocity rises. It’s likely to provide information on its upcoming arrival to pedestrians.

By coincidence, the BMW iX3 is the first model to be produced in China for export at a BMW factory in China by a joint venture.

An SUV is obviously a BMW as its way of cruising from rest to 62mph in 6.8 seconds up to a top speed limited at 112mph. The car is nice and pleasing to drive, but don’t expect an adventurous road driving results. It is meant for successful owners and small families, not those aspiring to be racers.

After maximum charge the iX3 will remain on for 279 miles and will deplete its energy in 300 miles by running from London to Newcastle.

The new battery will provide 74 kWh of used. The production of the 188-cell battery would more than double the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries. Running ten minutes will give you enough stamina to run 62 miles.

The best thing about this game is that you can fine-tune your driving style when you will be playing it. Move the lever down to D and you can pick a high, medium or low energy-recovery environment – adjusting the amount of resistance felt when you push on the accelerator. The harder you exercise, the more stamina you’ll get.

But you have the option of ‘one pedal driving’ with ‘slide left into driving position ‘B’ allows you to drive ‘one pedal’ style – with your foot just on the accelerator. Since you do not have to rely so much on braking, you will derive more energy from cornering.

In some cases, the car’s brake regenerative can change depending on the road type and driving environment. You should pass another vehicle to turn right. But on the highway, it coasts if you let go of the accelerator.

The iX3 was the first model to deliver BMW’s third-generation electric drive-train, consisting of electric motor, electronic system and CVT. There will be the same type from the upcoming BMW iX and BMW i4 cars from 2021. Despite the rugged appearance of the vehicle, it is important to point out that this car is not a 4×4 and is instead of rear wheel drive.

There’s a super bright, 12.3″ optical instrument cluster and a center panel with touchscreen power.

The car’s infotainment system includes Siri Eyes Free for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easy to attach to mobile features such as Apple Maps, Apple Music and WhatsApp messaging.

The latest BMW maps will help determine the shortest route to a destination. Also, it was easy to upgrade car’s apps.

The list of extra standard features varies depending on the model ordered. How much longer car makers are going to be so generous because they are no longer luring buyers to go for electric vehicles is another matter entirely.

There are several different exterior colours for the vehicles which are Mineral White, Carbon Black, Phytonic Blue and Sophisto Grey.

X3 order books are now available ahead of the first deliveries in 2013. Prices of the company’s first electric models start at £58,850 for the BMW iX3 Premier Edition and continue to £61,850 for the Premier Edition Pro. These electric vehicles are considerably cheaper than petrol/diesel combustion model X3s, starting at £42,115 and £49,250 respectively; We will expect other electric varieties in the near future.

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