Facebook revealed a few new steps it is putting in place as a safeguard against organized abuse as the U.S. approaches the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

The company explained in a blog post and tweets from Facebook Policy Relations Director Andy Stone that it would block all activities planned to occur near the U.S. White House. Capitol or any building of a state capitol through Wednesday.

The business says it will also do “secondary” sweeps to look for violations of its rules via any inauguration-related activities. At this point, that includes any content linked to the “Stop the Steal” movement that perpetuates the rampant lie that the victory of Biden is illegal. On Facebook, those groups continued to flourish until the organization took action at the beginning of this week.

Apparently, Facebook would also placed additional limitations in place for U.S. users who regularly violate the company’s laws, including barring livestreaming images, activities and group pages from those accounts.

These precautions fall short of what some opponents of Facebook have called for, but they are nevertheless remarkable steps for a business that in the last year has only begun to take dangerous conspiracies and armed groups seriously.

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