People sometimes forget things. This can happen. I can understand how you can easily forget your phone password and PIN number. In a possible scenario, you may have forgotten your PIN and locked yourself out of your phone.

This seems to be Dietta’s misfortune. In her article this week, Evetts writes:

I got sidetracked (hence the title) when I attempted to setup an Android AT&T smartphone. Even I couldn’t remember the passcodes for the phone and the new google account so I lost them all. Where should I look for help? Will I ever be able to use that phone properly?

We hope you get a Samsung.

One of the best things about most modern smartphones is that they are fairly difficult to break into—if you have been careful to secure them from intruders. If someone attempts to bypass your password or PIN, they usually can’t do so right away and it will take a number of attempts. When their score reaches the magical number of 10 incorrect guesses, usually, all their phones will be wiped. This phone will make a factory reset on the assumption that you, the owner, couldn’t have forgotten your password.

In this case, your phone is under your own control and you can’t get into it. I have to inform you that you cannot save the PIN from lock screen. You are unable to include supplemental information about yourself into authentication. The best advice is to expect some sort of secondary authentication. Ideally it will be a PIN or password.

This is a good thing because if someone gets your device, all they need is the name of your birthday and your first email address to access everything from your device. Same philosophy.

However, this does not mean that you are stuck. However, one can use the phone finder from Samsung to locate his/her phone via the web.

Check your Android smartphone’s manufacturer for such an option. If it’s Google, you can’t unlock your phone remotely. If it’s not fixed immediately you only have to factory reset your device and set it up once again. If you really loved the old Gmail address then you could retrieve it and set up a new one from scratch.

How to Factory Reset your phone.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to boot into your phone’s recovery mode, which requires you to hold the volume up button along with the power button. I do not know exactly what these functions are in all of these devices. You can access the recovery mode for your device with a “web search”. After pressing the reset button, you might encounter a scary-looking screen.

You’ll use your volume buttons to navigate to the “wipe data/factory reset” command and tap on the power button to confirm the selection. Just a few moments later, the air conditioning will be back on. You have lots of time to relax and refresh your Google account. If that book doesn’t help you, you can’t do anything else. That’s it.

What if you’re a forgetful fan of Apple?

For those with an iPhone, start anew or restore your iPhone from a backup if you forget your PIN. Apple doesn’t provide a way to remotely unlock your iPhone through Find My.

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