Google researchers claim that a’ highly advanced actor’ carried out the campaign, which booby-trapped sites to ensnare targets.

According to recent investigation conducted by GOOGLE RESEARCHERS, there was a sophisticated hacking operation that exploited vulnerabilities in Chrome and Windows to install malware on Android and Windows devices.

Some of the exploits were zero-day exploits that targeted vulnerabilities unknown to the local government. This method was used by the people to gain unauthorized access to sensitive websites. An exploit server was used for Windows users and another was for users of Android, which is a successful exploit technique.

Using zero-day vulnerabilities and complex networks are indicators of world-class talent and professionalism by the advanced hacking community. It’s clear that the assault was done by someone who has excellent skills.

These chains are very effective and scalable because of their modularity,” said researchers with Google’s Project Zero research team. The attacks are powerful and complex because the attacks have high level of skills. The attacks are effective and smart because of their advanced techniques. We assume that experts created these exploit chains.

The modularity of the payloads, interchangeable exploit chains, the logging, targeting, and maturity of the operation all make this attack campaign special.

Seven zero-days were targeted:.

  • CVE-2020-6418 – Proof of Concept (fixed February 2020)
  • Font Weakness on Windows (fixed April 2020)
  • Font Weakness on Windows (fixed April 2020)
  • <code> CVE-2020-1027 — Windows CSRSS Vulnerability </code> (fixed April 2020)

Attackers had gained remote code execution via a WebKit bug. All of the 0-day vulnerabilities were used against Windows users. As zero days are uncommon, it is more likely that attackers will have more Android zero-days on hand.

Project Zero published six papers on pentest science. All these points briefly outline popular Chrome, Android, and Windows exploits.

This series aims to assist the general security community in countering complex malware operations. We hope this series provides you with an in-depth look at exploitation from a real-world mature actor.”

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