Here’s a test. You accidentally drop your phone. When you pick it up, you notice the screen shattered. Are you:

(a) Express your discontent by referring to your lack of skills.

(b)Lament should never set up face or finger prints in your phone

(c) Ponder how you will access your phone’s contents, now that you cannot access the phone.

See how much money you have left to purchase a new smartphone.

All of the above.

I think Dominique began with (a), moved on to (c), and then finally gave in (e). We all face this.

It is a hassle when your phone gets cracked. In some cases you’ll not have data loss if you have been good backup of your device.

At least I can feel your anxiety mounting over the photos you have backed up or whether you keep your files on the device or not. This explains Dominique’s difficult predicament. She has written:

“I have a broken LG stylo 4 and the glass is broken.” I can’t get the number of users I need to unlock my account. Please help us. I need my tweets! ”

Using your Android to navigate through your smashed screen: The easy way.

There are two easy ways to access Android smartphone even if it’s locked. There are only two easy ways to get pregnant – through intercourse or masturbation.

Go to your phone’s USB port and remove it. You’ll need to get an adapter that’ll plug into that USB connector. You need a USB-C to USB-A adapter, which can be styled like this:.

All you have to do is plug it into your phone, and then plug it into a regular computer mouse. (Feel-so outdated.).

Your phone should recognize your mouse as an input device once you configure it the way you want it to be. You can just use it the same way you would use your thumb on a normal Android smartphone. I suggest what? It can be used to send yourself emails on your smartphone. That, or simply saving photos or files you texted so that you can get yourself a new phone.

You will be able to plug in both a mouse and a keyboard, if you happen to have a USB-C hub with multiple USB-A ports.

The damage inflicted on a phone screen: the easy way.

Try breaking into your phone using your computer. If you need to enable Developer options on Android, you must do so on a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL. Next, head back to the main Settings screen and tap System, tap Advanced, and then tap Developer options, and turn on USB debugging. The procedures vary for your phone.

Next, from your manufacturer’s website, ensure that you locate the right supported drivers. And please download the appropriate SDK Platform Tools and Google USB driver.

Install them on your computer. Open Command Prompt or Terminal and navigate to the directory holding “adb.exe”. Unfortunately, I am not able to test this out. But I did examine the actual file contents.

Try pressing Enter after restarting the device. There’s nothing you can do unless you’ve authorized ADB to be able to access your phone. To do this, you will need to unlock your specific phone.

Assuming you have gone through all of these steps before, you will then be able to unlock your device.

holding down the ALT key.

**Important instruction, press ** adb shell input touchscreen swipe 930 880 930 000**.

executes command ‘input text XXXX’.

Input “press 66” here.

Please replace “XXXX” with your PIN number. You can do this by just copying and pasting from here.

And just open a terminal and type ‘adb shell input keyevent 26’ then enter.

I used the test on my Pixel and it worked perfectly. True, this keyboard/mouse technique isn’t good, you know. However, if you want to charge your new phone from your computer because it might otherwise be incompatible with ADB, you need to enable access first. Should a disaster ever happen again, you can use ADB to securely save all your data.

First, you can access the content through backup methods. What. Personally, using Google-backed tools will be your best bet in order to ensure data safety. Lastly, make sure you always have backup copies of all files stored on your Android. Because your phone might drop down, you can’t be too careful.

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