Ejembi Ogwuche/Oloche Joy accusations against Hon John Ngbede not sponsored by Pastor Israel Adanu

Ejembi Ogwuche/Oloche Joy accusations against Hon John Ngbede not sponsored by Pastor Israel Adanu

Our attention has been drawn to yet another manipulators from the pit of hell using one Oloche Joy to damage the long existing relationship between pastor Isreal Adanu and Hon John Ngbede ,the Benue state PDP Chairman.

Any reasonable Media assistant would follow the ethics of journalism in reacting to a mare allegations of this nature, this shows the level of incompetency the acclaimed special adviser on media to the chairman Peoples Democratic Party Benue state, Ejembi Ogwuche cowardly tagging press statement. The so-called press statement shows you are not qualify to be a media adviser to our great party PDP and chairman Hon. John Ngbede.

I don’t blame you much because you are ignorant of entire process, I’m aware your statement is based on hearsay which is dangerous to the ethnic of journalism, you are forcing yourself to tarnish a person of Pastor Isreal before his leader and brother, Hon John Ngbede but you failed in an attempt because the two leaders have been doing very well in their respective fields of endeavors as politician and business men.

They said ignorant is darker and thicker than darkness and that’s just what you displayed, you are from nowhere trying to cause trouble for Agatu leaders which will never happen because of your lazy sense of reasoning, you are a shame to the office you claim to represent by tagging pastor Isreal with a false accusation. In Agatu, we have an ethics respects for elders and leaders of the land is not negotiable.

Hon Ngbede himself know he’s highly recognised and respected by pastor Isreal Adanu and for your understanding the duos has been even before the creation of modern Agatu LGC. Both Hon NGBEDE and pastor Isreal are peaceful people who have been working closely for the peace and progress of Agatu Nation also are pioneers of our great party since the returning of democracy in 1999.

You are an ignorant of Benue political history from all your failed points, you don’t need to tell average Agatu man on the role of Hon Ngbede in modern day Benue politics rather I will tell you, you have a long way to go and I urge you to ask before acting.

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Transparent or not on how the said consensus candidate emerged should not be your problem, as an Agatu man we know ourselves better than your whole imaginations, if masses are happy or not should not be your concern as you lack knowledge of Agatu political arrangement. Using the so-called Oloche Joy just to tag pastor Isreal will soon be reviewed and we will know who is the real enemy of Hon John Ngbede and the entire Agatu nation.

Whether the emergence of consensus candidates from Agatu were deemed free and fair or not nobody complained to anybody on the so called consensus so why bothering yourself? All we need is true Democratic enthronement that will reflect the people’s will by bringing positive change in our LGC, to end insecurity and extremely poverty, lack of functional schools, primary healthcare facilities, portable drinking water etc can only be decided by the masses and not stakeholders alone.

You are a failed reporter as nobody reported to you that Hon Ngbede imposed any candidate, we want the best as a people and the masses will decide who govern them as a LGC. You are dragging Hon John Ngbede whom we all respected to this matter for no reason because they asked you to do so, I’m sorry pastor Isreal Adanu is too polite, educated, business minded and committed to attend to a failed statement of this nature.

The said Oloche Joy that you and your sponsor are using maybe wrong or right in her points I don’t want to know but tagging her with pastor Isreal is totally bad, a deformation of character of our honourable leader, average Agatu man even Hon John Ngbede himself will never accept this false and failed allegations because it lacks merit.

Ejembi Ogwuche, your falsehoods and blackmail will never work, Hon John Ngbede and pastor Isreal are brothers and as an Agatu blood they will continue to be till the end of time by the grace of God.

Your points should be on how to get an evidence to challenge Oloche Joy instead you lazily went to join pastor Isreal with his leader Hon Ngbede, fuss or no fuss about the consensus arrangement made by Agatu leaders which pastor Isreal is highly involved shouldn’t be your concern.

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Ejembi Ogwuche, hear yourself? That ‘Oloche’ chose to antagonise Hon Ngbede at his time is simply opportunistic because his opposition party failed to present candidates in Agatu which is the reason why his michief and blackmail know no restraint . “English is suffering in the name of media adviser”

The general public should disregard this rabble rouser from Ejembi Ogwuche the acclaimed media adviser and his failed arrangement using Oloche Joy to get public attention as pastor Isreal remained loyal to his leader Hon. Ngbede.

Ejembi Ogwuche, you must be ready to tender all your evidences before appropriate authorities in due time, e-rat like you should be properly handle, you are a threat to democracy and social media, your attempt to tarnish the hard earn reputation of pastor Isreal may land you in prison.

This is madness, don’t worry impeccable sources that confirmed Pastor Israel Adanu is the mastermind behind this scurrilous and vexatious falsehoods been peddled by Oloche Joy through the toxic account according to you will soon be put to test in the competent court of jurisdiction.

Pastor Adanu didn’t failed to emerge as the consensus chairmanship candidate of the PDP in Agatu, the zoning if properly adhere to favoured him, Agatu Masses want him to deliver to them the dividends of democracy, you are a stranger to the entire storyline, yours is never a case but why joining our leader Hon John Ngbede in the matter? Is it because you want us to see your grammatical blunders?

This kind of mindset displayed by a hungry man like you to tarnish the image of God’s own servant in the person of pastor Israel in the name of politics, God in heaven will surely disgrace and dethrone you soon.

How ever, pastor Isreal Godwin ADANU, God’s own servant and successful business man, a respected Honorable who is generally accepted by his people, a man with high dignity for his God and humanity has nothing to do with the false devilish arrangement sprayed by one Ejembi Ogwuche.

We are patiently waiting for Ejembi Ogwuche to withdraw his so-called pres statement within seven days or prepare his evidence as our lawyer will respond him via appropriate authorities in no distance time.

Pastor Israel urge the entire Agatu and the general public to disregard this devilish falsehoods by Ejembi Ogwuche using Oloche Joy. Agatu are generally known for respect for elders, pastor Isreal as a peace ambassador have never and will never act in such childish way to humiliate his elder brother, Hon John Ngbede.
Moreover pastor Isreal has all it takes to handle issues related to election himself.

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Pastor ISRAEL have this to say:

“I woke up yesterday morning in Makurdi and got very busy preparing for my trip to Abuja. My attention was first drawn to this falsehood against my person by a call from one Bonny Obeka around 10am and later times by others while I was on my trip so I couldn’t read what was written and posted above.
Please permit me to reply as below by the word of GOD.
1. Help LORD for the godly man ceaseth: for the faithful fail from among the children of men
2. They speak vanity every one with his neighbor :with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak
3.The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips and the tongue that speaker proud things.
4.Who said, with our tongue will we prevail, our lips are our own: who is LORD over us?
5. For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing off the needy, now will I arise, saith the lord:I will him in safety from those that puffer at him.
FATHER, in the name of JESUS judge between me and those that have used their wicked hearts to lie against me your anointed. You are GOD who dwells in truth, therefore arise in your truth and judge between me and Ejembi Ogwuche, Yemi Itodo and all those who are confederate together to peddle falsehood against me. If I be innocent in this accusations, FATHER, in the name of JESUS, let GOD arise against them, if it true that I sponsor any Joy to insult any one let my end come suddenly, otherwise let your eternal curse come upon Ejembi Ogwuche, Yemi Itodo and his confederates. So I pray in the name of JESUS. Amen!”

Comrade Gideon Edache
On behalf of…
Greater Agatu Movement
Pastor Israel Godwin Adanu.

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