Ogun indigenes warn Abiodun against associating himself with Ex-Governor, Gbenga Daniel

Ogun State indigenes have reacted to the visit by a former Governor of the State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, to the incumbent Governor, Dapo Abiodun in his office on Tuesday.

NAIJATWEET post reported on Wednesday that Daniel met Abiodun behind closed doors at his Okemosan Governor’s office, Abeokuta. 

Daniel, who ruled the state from 2003 to 2011 is still facing charges brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for alleged funds misappropriation during his tenure as the governor of Ogun.

Gov Abiodun on Wednesday uploaded pictures of himself and Daniel on his Facebook page, saying, “I received in audience, the former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) who was on a courtesy visit, in my Oke Mosan Office. During his visit, OGD commended our government’s activities thus far, and he also wished our administration all the best.”
Abiodun’s post has since generated a lot of mixed reactions from his followers as they ‘furnished’ the post with all forms of comments.

There are many who warned Abiodun not to associate himself with the former Governor for reasons best known to them.

However, others commended the Governor for accommodating everybody in the State.

Read some of the comments below:

Olamiji Wale Kaka: Stop honouring the likes of OGD … It takes a lot away from your dignity.

Olajide Samson: Mr governor, my advice is this, be careful with this man called OGD. I do not trust him at all.

John Olaoti: Fraternising with OGD by his excellency is a symbol of success. I commend your good steps. God supports all through.

Shofoluwe Saheed Olamilekan: And u are happy that he visited you? See, act fast bcos Ogun pple are wiser than u can imagine, they will file for ur impeachment if you refuse to act fast in the state. Sincerely speaking, u dey fall my hand.

Olanrewaju Otesile: I pray Ogun State don’t go back to that era. Dapo Abiodun should be very careful. The shoes he’s wearing is an oversized and therefore should work harder with right men to write his name in gold.

Animasaun Ridwan Olasubomi: We all know what the visit is all about..but sir we are tired of this I attend or I receive in attendance of people or event. What we want is active programme an policies that will bring growth to our dear state. OGD recruited and so also the past government. We want to see result, not just this Facebook thing.

Adeniyi Olumefun: While appreciating the visit, the memories of My dear OGD, NULLI SECUNDUS, still lingers on. You are advised to weigh all recommendation and advice. This is your time. Posterity awaits after the 4+4 period. Shine your eyes. The Lord remains your strength.

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Sesan Odubajo: I think is about time Mr Governor gets to work and roll up your sleeves. Attending functions here and there won’t fix our dilapidated roads and poor infrastructures throughout the state. You should declare a state of emergency on our roads. Both our primary and secondary schools in the state are nothing to write home about, the state should be one of the most developed state in Nigeria. Associating with the likes of Gbenga Daniel, Buruji Kasamu won’t do you any good please. Mr Governor, use your thinking faculty and business ideas to correct the anomalies.

Olawuyi Jide: Nice one, truth be told I voted for GNI, but I really appreciate the synergy DA is bringing and his style of politics of no bitterness. Am sure if uncle Kunle visits him too, he will be welcome. It is about the development of our dear state; it’s not and never going to be one man’s estate.This is Ogun state and not centre of excellence slums.

Don Oscar Mahjid: The old cabals are still the ones ruling our system of government. I weep for our dear nation Nigeria.

Adunola Greatness: Otunba Gbenga Daniel is one governor Ogun State as a whole will always celebrate anytime any day. Hardly will you see a family in Ogun who has not benefitted from his regime either directly or indirectly. He is a man of the people.

Lawal Dele: Mr governor Sir, I think you should not focus too much on your praise singers, rather start thinking of what can bring in fast money for project execution and i think you should look at Agriculture and crops that have short harvest period that can be exported to generate revenue. The state needs money for govt impact to be felt we don’t have to sell the future of our unborn children by borrowing.

Folorunso Adekolu: Life is like a pendulum, nothing’s is permanent in life. This is the same Prince Abiodun that lost to OGD in the state governorship primaries that time, but today the Executive Governor of Ogun state.

Oluwatoyin Kafilat Balogun: I am yet to see any road being commissioned in Ogun, not even our schools and hospitals have been upgraded. I need not to be surprised if it is OGD that’s commending u, he failed Ogun, so we should expect the same from this administration.

Yousuph Omoakin Abuayman Ajadi: Gentle man, stop all this and that I received in audience or visiting this and that, you should have gone for Minister of Travelling.

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Adeleke Adedeji Adeniji: I pray Gov.Dapo won’t fail us, but if he does, his name would go the same record OGD, KASAMU and the likes goes. Birds of d same feathers dem.

Ajibade Adewumi Olasupo: Accommodate political affiliate irrespective of political parties. It’s God that brought you to Government house not human, same God will be there for you at all time IJN.

Otunare Dayo: When you sit down wearing a suit, you open the buttons Mr Governor. OGD did not just visit, he needs a favour. I have been in corridors of power with a particular former governor and I know he went there to get some stuffs done.

Inyang Okon: This Healthy Relationship Is Good For The Development Of Ogun State.

Prince Segun Adegunloye: Get down to work sir, recieving and paying visits of all kinds will never do any good to your state. Time is going.

Segun Paul Oshin Kabiyesi: Where was this former governor(OGD) during APC presidential election, if Atiku had won, u will Neva see him paying a senseless visit to Dapo. OGD don’t want to lose in two places dat’s why he ‘s clinching with Dapo. The courtsey visit is not for free, Dapo should shine his eyes & not all advice given by OGD should be taken.

Ogunfuyi Same: No doubt about it, OGD was an achiever, He did his best, infact you can’t compare his Govt with that of his predecessor and successor, that notwithstanding he had his shortcomings. But his coming closer to DA, I can assure you that is going to be blessing b/c he knows virtually everything about the state. What is left for our Gov. is to be able to sieve all the advice.

Akanbi Olutope: I call the man a Facebook Governor. Anybody that visits him at Okemosan, he will place it on facebook. Even if he urinates at Okemosan, we will see it on facebook. Come to Ijoko Agbado road and see how people are suffering and pay double before reaching there places of work everyday. Now Gbenga Daniel that ruled for eight years without single achievement is your friend. God is watching sir.

Adeniran Abd Wasee’h Olasunkanmi: Hello mr governor, this stagnant action of your administration will attract haphazard project which Ogun state indigenes will vehemently desist, and reject your governance; endeavour to swift into action.

Shonola Adeshina: The same OGD that constructed a bridge in Denro, Akute that remained under water since its construction. No wonder our road remains as it is.

Okiki Ola: Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are. Continue collaborating with Mr Failure, your first 4 years will tell.

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Aizebeokhai Oshogwe Danesi: In as much as it’s too early to Judge this Government now, it gives me goose pimples that days are running into weeks and months and very soon years.
PDA, please there is so much to do especially Roads and Healthcare. I believe you know the standard of General Hospitals in Lagos like Island, Ikeja, Gbagada, Surulere etc. Sango General Hospital is in shambles and am sure others in the state are same. Roads are bad. However, kudos to you for the ongoing construction in Sango ota inwards AIT Alagbado and Ikola Road. Many Roads need your attention Sir.

Ridwan Akorede Authority: Am yet to understand this government. All the partying around, visitation and social media commendation should stop please.

Nike Ade Aden Oladuja: When will you start working on the roads, hospitals, schools and many other establishments that are under siege?

Kolawole Lawrence Famoyin: Increase or encourage education, you build a nation, you dicourage or kill education you kill a nation. During OGD tenure, workers in all ramifications were paid regularly,employment opportunities were on, trading activities went on profitably. Nearly every house hold benefitted from his benevolence. What else do you still want from this man of just and honor? In politics, he carried along all his members. OGD is not Superhuman but, he had tried his best and left the stage.

Adelowokan Micheal Temitope: Accommodating Governor, Governor of the Masses. Well-done Sir

Oyetola Olushola: Is this your adviser, Mr Governor?…lol

Olubunmi Oluwaleye: Well done His Excellency Dapo Abiodun. This one that Gbenga Daniel is coming closer to you, he’s very contagious ooo, l hope he’s not trying to cross over again? He succeeded in looting, raised hooligans, thugs, used people against each other, built malls for the elites and he was so partial in developing local governments in Ogun State. He didn’t even do anything in Yewa. He neglected us and looted our money to equip his laurels fashion house among others. He’s an evil genius and wicked, you will know him better sir. He’s been seeing what you’re doing, he might be envious or covetous. Careful sir. We love your good work.

Mujeeb Ayinde Daramola: Power is transient. I don’t like you associating with Daniel.

Hurkel Harde Barhyor: They’re all deceivers from the President down to the Councillors

Abraham Unaji: There is time for everything under heaven…so the ball is on ur court, play it the way you want gov Dapo.

Ola-Oluwa Aina David: Birds of same feather flock together. Nonsensical governance.

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