Ent: The Upcoming Entertainment Company In South Africa  (YFedrichworld Entertainment).

YoungFedrich SA The CEO Of YFedrichworld Entertainment.


The upcoming entertainment company in South Africa  (YFedrichworld Entertainment).

There are numerous entertainments without focus, impotent products (artists) that can give out what the fans demand during the street and calmness struggle in all ramifications. South Africa is blessed with a leading music industry (YFedrichworld Entertainment) the best of all time in the music industry today. The Slang Of Yfedrichworld Entertainment is  WE ARE THE FUTURE.


YFedrichworld Entertainment has coupled of artists with different department and Models that can showcase the norms and culture of the industry especially in our country (South Africa).


YFedrichworld Entertainment as the name implies basically refers to a young man who’s about creating an Advantage for all upcoming artist struggling with their talents to tap in the music industry. He’s a street oriented record label founded earlier 2019.


Unknown to many, YFedrichworld Entertainment firstly came out as a group which was co-founded by YoundFedrich  SA and his cohort teams.   Riding on the success of the YFedrichworld Entertainment and the smashing hit singles that came with it recently.



YoungFedrich SA was able to groomYFedrichworld entertainment  into one of the most reckoned with record label making a huge amount of waves in the present day in South Africa music industry and World Wide.

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Only few artist under the canopy of this label have not made it to wining international endorsement except YoungFedrich SA with few Local and international endorsement that spread the label names and identity the more. We are the future and we expect more endorsement and winning as time flies. Youngfedrich SA is doing well over the board with great audiences from different countries interested in his musical efforts.




Now YFedrichworld Entertainment has grown and now boasts of a number of upcoming acts who are now established and well known with a couple of endorsements and notable awards under their belt. They are called the YFedrichworld record label soldiers.


        Below is a full and complete list of who the YFedrichworld record label soldiers are:


  1. YoungFedrich SA: YoungFedrich SA himself, he is the CEO and also an artiste under YFedrichworld Entertainment. The frontier act of label. Also in charge of signing acts to the entertainment. A Producer and DJ’s under the same entertainment.



YoungFedrich SA

YoungFedrich SA (CEO)



  1. Dicks Weiler: He’s YFedrichworld Entertainment ambassador, work spreader and Dancer.




  1. Thoriniq: The best of ALL. Because his music was recognized at both local and international level with parrot voice that caught the attention of millions of fans. A Producer and DJ’s under YFedrichworld Entertainment. He’s a partner to the CEO of the entertainment.
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Thoriniq of YFedrichworld Entertainment



  1. YoungStizy: Apart from being a professional Documentary official. He’s a producer, veteran photographer, publisher, direcor and DJ’s under YFedrichworld Entertainment.


Youngstizy of Yfedrichworld entertainment
Youngstizy of Yfedrichworld entertainment



  1. Mellow: Mellow is the only female Model, MC and YFedrichworld Entertainment ambassador. She was discovered and signed by YoungFedrich SA himself recently.

Mellow of Yfedrichworld Entertainment


  1. Passion: This talented rapper was also discovered by YoungFedrich SA. He appeared and killed the beat because he believed in No Safe Beat. He’s a versatile and consistent rapper under YFedrichworld Entertainment.



  1. DJ Ravaza: He is the YFedrichworld Entertainment official DJ and official in-house beat maker. He is a producer with a couple of hit tracks to his credit. Free to call him a professional hit maker. ‘Mr. Producer’ as he is fondly.


DJ Ravaza of Yfedrichworld entertainment
                           DJ RAVAZA


Contact Info:

Name: YoungFedrich SA

Email: youngfedrich@gmail.com

Website: www.yfedrichworld.co.za

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